Are Tribble Reese and Tristan Smith of ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ Still Together?

Tribble Reese found love with Tristan Smith on the ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ finale last night, but all fans really want to know is if they are still together. You will find out your answers here!

Today Tribble did say one thing on Twitter to let fans in on how their relationship is going. He sent this tweet to Tristan. @tristan_shelby9 #Happy :) She responded to him with simply Ditto :). This was enough to get fans wondering if they were doing well.

In an interview with CMT, Tristan and Tribble talked about life after the show together. Tribble Reese has already been to meet her parents since the show finished filming. He said he was able to hang out with her brothers and have a great time getting to know them. It sounds like things went really well for the new couple.

Tristan Smith actually joined the show because her close friend Cody Smith convinced her to do it. He was on the first season of ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ with Devin Grissom. Tribble says that he needs to thank Cody every single day for getting her to do the show.

Right now Tristan is making plans to go back to school and finish her nursing degree. She only has one semester and then some clinicals left to be done with it all. Now Tribble says that he is just trying to figure things out. He is not someone who makes plans. He wants to get into a job hosting or something, but really doesn’t know what he is doing at this time.

It sounds like Tristan Smith and Tribble Reese found love on ‘Sweet Home Alabama.’ Hopefully this couple can make it work unlike Adam Moyer and Devin Grissom of season 1.

‘Sweet Home Alabama’ will air its 3rd season starting January 13, 2012 at 8:00 pm CST in the Oklahoma City area. Don’t miss Paige Duke try to find love!

Source: Source: Twitter; CMT

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