Are We a Family Anymore? Laying at Rest Simmering Doubts

These are exciting times, no doubt. We are busier by the day. Our attention span challenges that of a gnat as we pursue hectic lifestyles and on a perpetual catch-up mode. We keep running to stay where we are, forget marching to a better future. However, things should pan out well if the collective wisdom and pursuits are in the right direction.

Not only are we increasing our numbers but also, making more demands on the resources, most of which are finite. It is only a matter of time for them to run out. The consumption levels of few hundred millions will soon spread to billions. Do we have the resources? No wonder, some commodity bulls are betting big to make fortunes. Jim Rogers says it is plain and simple; no one can prevent commodity prices reaching stratospheric levels. Though it looks basic common sense, but the consequences on the majority will be disastrous!

While we welcome future generations, like we were, with much euphoria, some, especially the old, are feeling the heat as they fight the odds for survival and meaning as they reach the evening of their lives. Their lives are turning topsy-turvy, with values that stood for generations coming unstuck. Newer tools of entertainment are becoming necessities encroaching on certain values that glued as one family; multi-tiered, all living under one roof. These were the norms especially in Asian societies.

But things are turning on their heads. The mad scrambles for survival, led by many new gadgets that enthrall, are leaving many values, and those who lived by them, in the dust! The bonding and the glue which they had lived by are fast unraveling. The rush to catch-up have left them panting and losing their balance. Some hold on to clutches of straw and hang on, but for how long?

The governments are also getting increasingly helpless; if their word is no more a bond, then what about those of lesser mortals? To get higher returns make some corporate big-wigs to bet their entire assets, and even leverage them; desperate times do make them lose their bearings! All these losses finally land on the already beleaguered common man – who constitutes the famous 99!

As we celebrate the arrival of 7 billion, it is time also to ponder our future survival. Today’s young is tomorrow’s old; some yesteryears’ young are spending the evening of their lives in despair and misery. Is there a magic bullet that is hidden from our view to bring back some semblance of stability in our lives? Can we expect a turning point and where is it going to come from?

The solution is within us. A change in approach and back to some old-fashioned values should bring the spring in our walks. When all are in it together, with some leading the way and showing by example, with others led by trust, then the good times should smile upon us. But the trust deficit and lack of empathy blur our view for now and make us suspicious of others’ intent.

Can we bring back true democratic principles where majority will truly prevails? Not like now, when few hijack the agenda whoever is in power. When all the cards are laid bare for everyone to see, that we are all in it together, that our hopes and desires are for the betterment of humanity taken as a whole based upon an inclusive society, then we become a true family to lay at rest all doubts and suspicions! Let us pursue such a destination of bliss! Maybe a utopia, but worth an attempt; after all, let us not forget that we come from the same source and also leave without a trace and soon forgotten!

Note: This is my attempt to answer our fellow contributor Judy E. Harrell’s invite to write on the plight of aging population, with dwindling younger people to support them.

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