Are You Ready for Halloween?

Are you ready for Halloween? I can help you get ready with this compilation of my Halloween related articles. We will cover costumes, food, home decor, movies and more.


Four Wild Ways to Get an Eerie Workout All Year Long
Top Five Soundtracks to Perform Yoga to on Halloween


5 Haunted Cities to Visit for Chilling Ghost Tours

Howl-O-Scream at Busch Gardens

Top 3 Scenic Drives in Virginia for Viewing Fall Foliage


Celeb Costume Round-Up

The Best Vampire Costumes (children’s costumes included)

Colored Contacts and Costume Pairs for Halloween


Top 10 Halloween Movies for Spooktacular Sights (some are family friendly, some are not)


Are Ghosts Real?

Histrionic Halloween


Tasteful Halloween Home Decor

October eyeball Crafts to Use as Home Decor

Cinderella Pumpkin Chariot Gifts and Home Decor (gifts for children and adults)


Make a Rubber Stamped Paper Treat Bag

Make a Fall Craft: Spider Cider

2 Fall Hand Print Crafts (ghost and turkey to do with your children)


Celebrate Candy Corn

Eyeball Cookies (kids will love these fun cookies)

The Many Facets of the Pumpkin (pumpkin bread recipe included)

Halloween Poems

Haiku: Kiss of Life (in honor of Halloween and Eclipse)

Limerick: A Witch Named Lorraine

Haiku: Candy Corn

Other Holiday’s to Celebrate in October

5 Fun and Unusual October Holidays I Will Be Celebrating

Frightful News Stories

Teen Claims to be a 500-Year Old Vampire

The Movie ‘Case 39′ Comes to Life as a Real Child is Thrown in an Oven

Happy Halloween!

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