Are Your Eyeballs Drunk on Vodka?

A new risky behavior has jumped over the big pond from the United Kingdom to the United States. Vodka eyeballing has become the next risky behavior that’s popular with teens and college kids. It is done by pouring Vodka directly into the eyeball rather than the traditional way of drinking vodka with cranberry or orange juice. Vodka eyeballing is often done on a dare or as a drinking game. It’s popular with college kids during parties. The vodka is poured into the eyeball through a shot glass or directly from the bottle. The participants believe that vodka eyeballing will give them a quicker buzz.

Once it’s poured into the eyeball it causes instant pain. Permanent damage can happen the first time you pour the alcohol into the eye and sometimes the damage does not happen until years later. The alcohol causes damage deep inside the cornea, which is the most sensitive organ of the human body. The vodka can cause blindness, scaring, eye pain, retina blood clot and vision damage. The damage may take years to show up. The eyeball is easy to damage since it doesn’t have the same protection as other body parts. . Most vodka is 40 or 60 proof, which explains why it damages the eye.In some cases people are going blind from it..

The emergency medicine Professor Robin Touguet stated to Daily News ”At 40 percent pure ethanol, vodka in the eye would create inflammation and thrombosis – clotting of the blood vessels – such that very little alcohol would be absorbed. Unlike the stomach, the eye does not have a gastro-intestinal lining to protect it and aid absorption”

Since jumping over the pond, eyeballing has shown up in nightclubs, Louisiana, and in Las Vegas. On the popular YouTube website, there are over 500 videos of people eyeballing. Friends of the eyeballer are seen egging the person on and laughing while their friend is screaming in pain.

Eyeballing is a real thing that parents need to talk to their children about while talking about alcohol, drugs, and other dangers.

Possible signs of Vodka Eyeballing

Risk taking Child complaining about eye burning significantly Eyesight loss Does your child participate in drinking games? Is your child a dare devil? Alcohol abuse

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