Article Marketing: How to Get Traffic Coming Fast

Article marketing is the hottest way to bring traffic to your website to generate advertising revenue and to generate sales. To make the most of article marketing you need to know how to create traffic to the articles you publish to increase your exposure and reach.

1. Start using Facebook. If you do not have a profile already you are missing a lot of traffic. Sign up for Facebook and try to make those 5000 friends. The more people you have as a friend, the more people will receive your article updates from your wall. You should add everything you think they might be a good client. You should also publish your articles on groups about articles. These people there are always ready to read another article and maybe with enough money in their pockets to buy whatever you want to sell them. There is another way, create a Facebook fan page and start getting people by promoting that fan page. This removes the 5000 friend limitation and lets you have as many people following you as you can bring to the page.

2. Use Stumble Upon. This website has more than 15 million users and they want new content. Each article you share on Stumble Upon is an article that will get hundreds of visitors if you are well known inside Stumble Upon. How to become popular inside Stumble Upon? Make friends with everyone and join groups related to your articles.

3. Start connecting with people who have the same interests you have. If your articles are new and interesting to read, connect with as many people as you can by making a blog with RSS from your article directory and link to as many writers as you can. In turn they will link back to you and since your blog is linking to your article directory articles, your articles will rank higher. You can start an RSS blog with Blogger or WordPress.

Article marketing is here to stay, for many years to come, writing articles will be a well paid profession and in the future, who knows, maybe writing technology will improve so much that we can talk to the computer and the software will write for us automatically by turning our voice into words.

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