Ashley and JP Hit Boca Raton for Big Celebration, They Love Ashley

Ashley and JP traveled to Boca Raton, Florida to celebrate a special occasion. Ashley Hebert joined JP Rosenbaum on a trip to visit his extended family to celebrate his grandfather’s 90th birthday, Hollywood Life reports. The two have been busy flying from Maine to New York to Los Angeles, and now Florida.

JP and Ashley have taken to Twitter to communicate to their fans. Rosenbaum has been more outspoken on the social network and tweeted Sunday:

“Flying thru those storms was nuts. Home sweet home! Never a doubt in my mind, but the rest of the fam LOVED the new fianc© @ashhebert”

Ashley Hebert was a hit with JP’s extended family. The duo hung out in Florida all weekend at the pool and went to a local restaurant to celebrate his mom’s father’s birthday.

JP and Ashley are consistent in their happiness with no bumps in the road as of yet. It’s a refreshing romance compared to that of the ill-fated “Bachelor” pair, Brad and Emily. Ashley and JP have a solid foundation and stable trust that carries them through while being in the media spotlight. Plans for their wedding are tentatively set for fall of 2012.

Source: Hollywood Life

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