Ashton Kutcher Debuts on Two and a Half Men

Before I start this article I want to say that Ashton Kutcher did a decent job on Two and A Half Men but he did not live up to the former star, Charlie Sheen. Unfortunately I give this show a few months before the producers beg Sheen to come back or the network decides to simply give the show the boot and take it off the air until Sheen comes back.

The whole way Kutcher was brought onto the show was lame. Producers should have brought Kutcher onto the show as Charlie’s son from a one night stand that took place many years before. This would have been a very good way to bring him onto the show. Or even had Kutcher brought onto the show as Alan and Charlie’s brother they did not know existed.

Was Kutcher funny? He had his moments where he was funny. Was he as funny as Sheen? Not even close. I doubt that he will get better as time goes on. It seems like Kutcher is playing his old character in ‘that 70s Show’ all over again, and it will not work on ‘Two and A Half Men’ because ‘That 70s Show’ and this show are two completely different shows. Its been said before that Kutcher is really good at playing “that one character” and Two and A Half Men is not the show for “that character”.

Guess time will only tell if this show will be a success with Kutcher filling in for Charlie but I think that the show is going to tank a little bit more with each passing week.

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