Asking for Forgiveness

Asking for forgiveness,


That is what I ask,

I know I cannot ask you,

I know you will never truly know,

I know that this is all it will be,

These words on the page,

But there they are,

The words you will never read,

Or know,

And I must let that be,

Let that be okay,


Asked it from Him,

Took all my past,

And gave it up,

Told Him,

Prayed to Him,

Asked Him to please,

Please forgive me,

Know that I have done things,

Know I have sinned,

Know I have caused hurt,

A time or two,

Sometimes it wasn’t always easy,

And sometimes it wasn’t always bad,

And I know the difficulty even more now,

And I have grown since then,

It’s not a great explanation,

And I wouldn’t trust you to understand,

But I need to do this now,

Do this even if it is words,

Words on this page,

Asking for forgiveness,

Just to make anew,

I want to live my life for Him,

And I know this is something I must do,

Moving on in my life,

Starting something new,

Found true happiness,

Finding where I belong,

Found my path to Him,

Knowing this is where I need to be,

So even if it is words on the page,

Even if there are no ways to express,

Express the truth beyond this,

I ask for forgiveness,

For all that happened,

In the life past,

And know that I,

I am different now,

My thoughts,

My emotions,

My belief,

My heart,

It has changed,

Changed even more,

Then I could have ever thought,

Or dreamed,


That is what I ask now,

On this page,

These words,

This heart change,


And the ability to move on.

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