Atrus’ Diary of Wolfenmyst 3D


I was certain my life was at an end as I heard footsteps echo in the passageway. Certainly, it seemed, Gehn had ordered my execution. My mind raced through possibilities and solutions. Time was at an end so I reached for any last resort. Then my hand fell upon my letter opener, its blade engraved with D’ni characters and its handle crafted by the natives of Channelwood. This, I knew, was my final opportunity. The latch slid with its clanking and rasping as I prepared myself as best I could. In the moment the soldier strode into my cell, with his pistol drawn and his intentions made clear, I leapt at him with all my strength. My attack was as well executed as could be hoped for and I made the man’s suffering brief. I took from his hand the weapon with which he would have dispatched me and began my efforts at escape. I was certainly in revulsion at my act, but I was driven beyond all moral consideration to stop Gehn and my two sons, Sirrus and Achenar. Only I could prevent them from destroying the fabric of countless ages in their greed and arrogance. All this flooded through my mind even as I pulled the trigger on my newfound firearm and sent another surprised guard collapsing to the ground in a bloody heap. He had heard my coming, spun around, and gave a cry that sounded like “Halt son!” Regretfully, I had no choice but no choice but to use force against him. As I advanced through the maze that was my father’s prison, I quickly came to understand that I was in need of more effective means of defense. I gathered the weapons of soldiers I had dealt with, along with what crude tools the area yielded at short notice, and set to work.


Excellent! After countless hours of exhaustive study and assembly done with painstaking care, I now have a device better suited to my purposes. I haven’t had hardly any time for sleep and I am considerably exhausted. Sometimes even necessities must be set aside. Never had I considered that I may turn my mind to the creation of a machine capable only of destruction. I emerged from my hiding place in a hollow behind a large portrait of Gehn with a dread in my heart for what must be done and came to a large room that was full of soldiers. They seemed to be protecting a large amount of treasure. Upon the sight of me, they started shouting and pulling out their weapons. “My friends,” I addressed them. “I would not wish to bring harm to any of you, but you must allow me to progress unhindered for your own sakes. I must settle-“

The soldiers would wait no longer and charged at me, screaming. With a sigh, I brought forth the rather bulky modified triple chain gun I had constructed and let loose a barrage of bullets to which these men were certainly unaccustomed. Perhaps most disturbing was the sort of grotesque “dance” exhibited by each of these men as they were hit and thrown backwards by dozens of high caliber rounds. I must admit that I found the results of my work to be worthwhile even though what remained of my enemies made for a rather unwholesome sight. I turned then to the treasures, which I now recognized as having come from various ages. This made me even more enraged at my sons. They destroyed entire peoples and worlds so they could obtain their riches. I walked over each of these precious objects, which, curiously enough, translated themselves into point values, and then proceeded through the hallways in a state of incoherent anger. Now that this day is done and my mind calmed, I scarcely remember the violent acts I have committed. All is a flash of crimson and crunching of bones. Enough! Rest has come rarely enough and now I must retire.


The tunnels and hallways of this impossibly immense complex seem never to end. Events proceed much as before. My father sends underlings to destroy me and so far, I have been compelled to destroy every one of them. They seem to know nothing other than obedience. They act against me though they have nothing to gain by it. My father must have convinced them, as he has other peoples, that he was a divinity. Otherwise, I can hardly explain these men’s disquietingly strong sense of loyalty. Surely there exists within them some impulse dictating self-preservation.

Regrettably, another one of them just shouted in realization that I am nearby. Here he comes now.

Yet another needless death. He came out walking in the open, having already betrayed his presence. I no longer even check to see if they will back down and leave peaceably any more. After receiving several bullet wounds through such behavior, I began shooting without hesitation. Such degradation in my conduct grieves me, but it is imperative that I succeed.

Upon first being wounded, I feared I had met my end. I was nearly incapacitated by pain and loss of blood when I made an important discovery. The food that the soldiers leave sitting about has amazing healing properties. I have retained a sample of this nourishment; a closer study could yield important medicinal advances. I found that even the food given to the guard dogs produced this effect to a lesser degree. I was amazed as my wounds healed up immediately and as my blood was instantly replaced. Most potent of all are first aid kits, which the soldiers leave laying around throughout the building for my convenient use. Once again, I have considerable difficulty deciphering their motives!

If only I can understand this wonderful science that seems simple and commonplace among these guards! Then some good could come from this time of destruction. There is new hope for me now that I see that the better aspects of humanity find their way into even these dark and noisome catacombs.


I was beginning to despair that any of this slaughter from level to level would achieve anything at all, but I finally reached my son, Achenar. How he became the monster he is, I cannot begin to speculate, but after ten days of constant suffering, I finally stripped away the last few recalcitrant underlings. I entered his cramped study to find him glaring at me insanely, his curly black hair unkempt and hanging into his eyes. How deeply his face was shadowed in the flickering candlelight. I hesitated, though I now knew him to be a creature of greed, selfishness, and cruelty. In this pause, he took from beneath his cluttered desk a prison book and hurled it at me. I saw the black expanse of its open page reaching out to engulf me and only scarcely managed to remove myself from its trajectory. By powers unknown to me, the book returned to Achenar’s hand and he drew his arm back for another attempt. At seeing this, I turned my triple chain gun on him. My son fled his seat but a moment before his desk collapsed in a ruin. Ink from broken bottles splattered about and flying splinters hissed through the air. I let loose another burst, savaging the bookshelves on the walls. Fragments of old parchment rained down on us and voluminous sheafs of paper shaken by the force of impact tumbled down to the stone floor. Achenar giggled nastily as he ran circles around me. My weapon was heavy and it was difficult to keep up with him. He threw the book at me once more and I reduced it to paper dust as it flew at me. He was not quick enough this time and his laughing turned into screaming as he was thrown backwards by incredible firepower. Achenar, inexplicably, seemed to have a constitution far beyond that of the guards I had faced. In spite of a hundred gouts of gore spurting from his torn body, he still managed to pull a pistol out of his shirt and shoot me in the shoulder. It was at this point that he finally succumbed to the onslaught and fell to the floor in an unrecognizable heap. He had been my son, but I could feel no pity after the deeds he had committed. He along with Sirrus and Gehn senselessly sent thousands of people against me. Achenar had been difficult to defeat by himself. If he had personally assisted his guards in the first few days after my escape, I would not have had any chance of survival. What if all three of them had come together to track me down? There is no use in speculating now. I must embrace good fortune in these dark times.


The useless slaughter has continued! I was revived to a degree in my triumph against my son, but now, events proceed much as before. I have discovered that this enormous prison, in which I am the only prisoner, there is a multitude of hidden passageways ideally suited to the purposes of a fugitive. The soldiers seem to have no knowledge of these chambers, making them all the more useful. Most curiously, the rooms are usually stocked with supplies that I have found crucial to my tedious undertaking. I have now begun a search to find passageways that would allow me to bypass the enemy forces and to allow me to confront Sirrus and Gehn. I have cleared all opposition from this area and now I must begin a detailed inspection of each section of every wall. I have no doubts that the process will be time-consuming, but my efforts may save me effort and the lives of hundreds of people. Progress already. This rather inconspicuous segment of stone wall has moved back to reveal a room with two first aid kits. However, I am currently at full health. I shall begin looking for passageways within passageways that could eventually lead me to my destination.


Success! After two days of laboriously running my hands over moldy walls, I have finally discovered the passage that I was looking for. I have avoided ten floors full of troops and saved myself and them endless grief. I feel that I am growing near to Sirrus. The hallways become ever darker and forbidding as I come nearer to the center. If only it were to come to an end. If only the next hallway inexplicably opened onto an open field speckled with flowers. Will I wander here in blood for another day two, three more?


Though I am in a weary state, I must briefly recount the defeat of my son Sirrus at my hands. Remembering the price I had nearly paid for my hesitation with Achenar, I immediately opened fire. I caught him sleeping on a pile of treasures and thereby gained a slight advantage in the ensuing fight. He was unable to stand against my weaponry, though, I did have to replenish my ammunition twice to take away all of his hit points. I will rest now that I have found all the first aid kits necessary to compensate for my severely depleted health. All I must do now is reach Gehn.


It has been long since I sat for long enough to write. I had almost forgotten about this poor, beaten, and bloodstained volume. I have tried and tried to preserve my human sympathies, but I find myself falling away. I have begun to feel indifference growing in me with every body I strip of life. They’re just bodies now. Falling.


Almost to Gehn. Almost over. I become lost in the beast. My heart beats with the blood of others. I feed on them. How I luxuriate in the final heat that ascends from the freshly killed. How it must rise like steam, like a ghost. Wavering, wavering, and wavering.


Gehn was not unsurprised this morning to see me climbing the final stone steps into his lair. Apparently, the troops I had killed few by few at a time for the last month neglected to inform him as to their misfortune. My father regarded me solemnly for a moment before his sallow face split into a vicious grin. He could clearly see that something had changed about me and hesitated in opening fire. “Ah, Atrus, you seem to have learned from your experiences. Must we continue our rivalry? Let us make up for all these wasted years and have some time together as father and son.” Tears of fervor and insanity began to stream down my face. “Father.” Was all I could say.

Gehn smiled again. “Let us take this black moiety member and throw him in the water-filled pit at the center of this room-together. I have a nice whark from my fifth age waiting down there. He’s had only a few human sized morsels today. You take one arm and I’ll take the other.” I felt a sort of odd glee at this and I rushed over to help him. It all seems so distant now that I am recovered to myself. We were about to throw the poor fellow to his doom when a long forgotten letter opener fell, blade glimmering, from the front of my filthy shirt. I picked up the object with which I had first committed a violent act and my senses returned to me all at once. Time, which had become faded and indistinct, now unraveled in all its appalling length. My father, ever insightful, had seen my change of heart was now pulling a weapon from his white lab coat with anger twisting his features. I grabbed his forearm and we struggled on that precipitous edge until finally my righteous fury overwhelmed him. He went flying from the brink and below, I heard the harsh grating cry of the whark. The man of the black moiety prostrated himself before me then, but I gestured to him that he rise. I would never go the way of my father.

I have finally escaped this place and have found a linking book to D’ni. I will go home as soon as I have finished writing, though my psychiatrist tells me I ought to spend a few years in a veteran’s ward. I must go back to Catherine. I will find my solace in things familiar. I have saved many ages from cruelty and greed, but the sacrifice of all those values I held dear was a terrible price. I hope that one day I can restore a calm to my spirit. Besides, I can’t wait to study that dog food!

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