Attention to Our Passion

in our promise, our desire
there are you, given your fire
in the state there are dread and fear late
day of such embrace curse unkind to date
all with you, you are acknowledgement of tears
the exaggeration of humanity see all your years
taken your grace to a place within hope
broken yours in the change of great scope
Liken your heart to the good soul
start in goodness all the changed role
beginning an end, awakening is bright
splendid lightning could passion fright
acknowledge heart as a flowers full bloom
taste which allows soul, we so assume
letting in what giveth in joy, a passion
cannot be taken, may so grow in fashion
broken in so answer you knew
taken up higher, and in a heart so true
the sight it brightens, and spirit it brightens
all the good, truest of heart so likens
could not be destroyed

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