Autism: A Poem

A miracle is created at the birth of a child,
A child who we expect will grow and grow,
Like a strong tree, its roots steady and firm to the ground,
While his features delicate and smooth,
Like his soft heart ready to envelop the beauty of the world.

Yet, even perfection of God sometimes fails,
Or sometimes it doesn’t, maybe. I don’t know.
He gives life to a human, all perfect in everyday,
Beautiful eyes, soft face, a full body,
And yet He forgets to integrate speech in the child,
The child sits depended on someone, perhaps her parents,
Forever, never realizing how beautiful this world is,
How we take the slightest touch of breeze for granted,
How we forget that we have the privilege to eat food,
How we forget we can walk, we can talk, we can discuss,
Perhaps of trivial topics like the freedom of speech, the freedom to
Change the world; we forget that these privileges are taken for granted.
Silly heartbreaks become our world, the fact that we are alone
Becomes our greatest Enemy, the greatest vice we have to face.
But we forget that there are people in this world, who don’t even
Know what love is, We forget that they will never know its beauty,
Its grandeur, and its sweetness, we wrap our thoughts on how the
Heartbreaker hurt us, how he or she wronged us,
We forget that there are human beings in this world, lacking
Simply lacking the knowledge of this world.

We worry how people have betrayed us, our trust,
Our thoughts, our desires, and yes we desire them,
And we hate them because they have not fulfilled our desires,
Yet our heart continues to love them, and yet does this seem like
A great problem. I think not. Time heals all wounds, physical and emotional,
Yet can the wound of autism ever be healed? Will he or she know what the world
Feels like, heck, they can’t even stand up straight, they lie down all day,
It’s as if autism suspends the mind of children and adults into another dimension
Of this world. They can hear us, watch us, feel us, and yet,
They cannot respond, they cannot respond when
Things of excitement take place, or otherwise
They cannot respond to simple actions,
Like jokes, and puzzles, and riddles, which we
Solve and tease our friends with. They become
Solitary though being surrounded with others.
They become alone yet with the world.
And, this my dear friends, is autism.

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