Baby Shower Centerpiece Ideas

A baby shower is an occasion where expectant parents and their friends and relatives get together in anticipation of the arrival of the newest member of the family. The name comes from the idea that the expectant mother is showered with gifts and it is a tradition that is seen across the world.

Usually organized by family, friends or colleagues, a baby shower should be fun. Top of many people’s shopping list for the event are baby shower centerpieces. Finding the right baby shower centerpieces is important as these are often the first things that your guests will notice.

When people are putting together baby shower centerpieces, they usually think first of flowers. But there are lots of other ideas for baby shower centerpieces as well. Baby shower centerpieces are the focal point of the whole event as this is where gifts for your baby will be placed.

Factors to consider when buying baby shower centerpieces include the theme of the event, the personality, interests and tastes of the new mother and the budget you’ve got to spend.

Ideas for baby shower centerpieces include tiered cakes garnished with baby items like bibs, pacifiers, baby socks, bottles and toys, baby sock roses, fruit baskets, chocolate fountains and a scrapbook with pictures of the expectant mother from childhood to her wedding.

Other ideas for baby shower centerpieces are balloons, often pink balloons for girls and blue balloons for boys, or yellow ones if you don’t know what you’re having yet, Balloons for baby shower centerpieces come in lots of different shapes and sizes and you can also get helium balloons which you can attach to the chair where the guest of honor is seated.

One of the cutest ideas for baby shower centerpieces is a clothes line strung across the room with baby clothes, bibs, baby socks and onesies pinned onto it. You could also make some letters in different colors to spell out the word BABYSHOWER.

Baby shower centerpieces can be fun, endearing and creative. Mix and match ideas above to create a special baby shower that you will remember forever.

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