Baby Shower Matchbook Scrapbook Favors

It’s very common for people to feature many miniatures when having a baby shower. There are miniature diapers, made from paper, to hold nuts, mints or even place cards. There are often miniature rattles, pacifiers and similar things hung as the decorations for the baby shower. Miniatures are always popular and they’ll be especially loved when you give them away as the baby shower party favors. Make little matchbooks which feature scrapbook pages and the guests will be thrilled when they get their tiny gifts.

If you have a matchbook lying around you can use it as the pattern for the scrapbooks. However, regular matchbooks are very small and you might choose to make the scrapbooks slightly larger than that. No matter what size you make them, purchase cardstock, then quickly turn it into the miniature scrapbooks.

Cut a piece of cardstock to be 4 ¼”1 ½”. This will make a standard size matchbook. If you want to make a larger one, simply cut the same shape, but larger. Fold the bottom edge up a half-inch and crease it well. Fold the top over and crease, then make another crease close to that one, to finish the matchbook design.

Cut pieces of thick paper to go inside the miniature scrapbook. With scrapbook paper you can give the tiny book a theme by cutting six pieces. These should be slightly smaller than the back of the matchbook. In addition to the papers, cut clear acetate or even cellophane, and make these the same width as the papers but twice as long.

Fold one piece of the clear acetate in half and slide a paper between the acetate sheets. Do this to all six papers so that you cover each one of them with the acetate. Tear a tiny piece of clear tape and place it over the left edge of the acetate so that half of the tape is on the backside and half is on the front of the acetate, and so that the whole left edge is covered with tape. This will keep the photos from sliding out of the matchbook. Leave the opposite side open.

Stack the papers, which are covered with acetate, and position them on the matchbook. Fold the bottom edge of the matchbook over the stack of papers and staple once, right in the middle. Now, small pictures can be simply slid into the pages, from the right side.

There are lots of cute designs you can do on the front of the matchbooks. Make the new baby’s monogram with stickers, write the baby’s name with a colored marker, or use a rubber stamp image on the front. The tiny scrapbooks can even be changed by cutting a hole out of the front so you can see the first picture in the book. They’re cheap, easy and they make the most adorable party favors for a baby shower.

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