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Health: Staying on top of your health above all else. Eat the right healthy foods and exercise moderately if you can’t find time for a fitness regime. Even simple stretches or exercise for five minutes in your day will be a good start.

: Make a list of three MITs first thing in the morning. Make plans and goals that are realistic to make room for issues that may arise or simply enough time to accomplish the goals. Unrealistic goals will lead to over exertion causing stress. Specifically, if you want to achieve a good grade on an exam, you’ll need to plan for this goal by making enough time to study each day. You’ll need to go over the notes you’ve taken in class. If you take great notes, but don’t utilize them, you won’t be able to retain what you learned in class. A chain reaction will occur as it will be natural for you to inquire more knowledge from your textbooks as you go over your notes.

Stay on schedule as much as possible to prevent lack of productivity that may lead to the bad old habits of procrastination. Go to Walmart and buy a nice wall mount dry erase/magnetic board sectioned out for monthly use (price range from $10-$15). Aside from the calendar board, buy a miniature steel frame dry erase board for jotting ideas or use as scratch paper for math, chemical, or physics problems as a green way to save paper and avoid excess trash (Sold online only, a 7.5 x 5.7″ board for $7.09 plus $8.99 Shipping. Hangs on door knob and includes a dry erase marker). There are plain portable boards in the Walmart store as well (price range from $5-$10). The boards will help you plan and stay organized to be on top of deadlines as well as have fun to motivate your studies. Also, buy a simple planner or print a free calendar from the internet and carry around with you to jot down important dates or enter the events in your smartphone (free Awesome Note Lite iPhone App organizer).

Discipline and Reward:
Be disciplined and stick to your goals (This means plan out time set strictly for breaks, leisure time for games, TV, hobbies, surfing the net, checking messages via SMS, twitter, facebook, or other social media etc. as these can be highly distracting). Consider these leisure things to do as rewards upon completing your MITs or during breaks. Bigger rewards for yourself to keep you motivated when you’ve achieved your goal by planning brief trips to look forward to.

Consistency and Moderation:
These two concepts can be hazy and tough to manage, but they are the keys to success. You’ll need to sustain consistency in your daily life and approach tasks with moderation. Whether it’s hanging out with your friends or your sweetheart, studying, tidying up your room or home, try to do them in moderation to prevent exhaustion of the mind/body.

Rough Times:
We’re humans; therefore, situations will come up in our lives such as: family, relationships, or financial issues. However, prioritize what’s important to achieve your goal is crucial for yourself down the road. Dealing with your own emotions is challenging enough; nonetheless, you can be there for your family, friends and love ones, but don’t forget to set aside time for yourself to accomplish your goals.

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