Backyard Fun for Kids Halloween Party!

What’s more fun than a Halloween Costume Party for the kids? A costume party OUTSIDE!

We recently hosted this kind of party outside at our house, letting our kids invite their friends. Since it was a costume party with Halloween approaching, everyone came dressed up. We had Ninja warriors, Princesses, Chefs, Ballerinas, Firemen and Policemen in full costume. The kids started screaming when Dracula showed up, but the policeman and fireman quickly took care of him. (They took his plastic teeth out, and then he wasn’t scary anymore.)

We made ghostly cupcakes, spider-web cookies (with pretzels) and red punch with gummy worms in it. The kids had a blast! The thing that was the most fun was being able to let them play outdoors on our new Playnation playset we had built in the backyard. With the kids in costume, they had so much fun.

The ninja warriors had foam sword fights on the bouncy bridge. The little princess and ballerina went to the covered tower to be “rescued” from Dracula. The fireman was sliding down the slide and the “fireman’s pole” coming to save them, and the policeman took out his handcuffs to arrest someone. All of these little kids were busy having fun, all of them doing something different on this backyard swingset. It was a great idea to have a party outside, with the playset as the focal point.

At the end of the party, there was no mess to clean up, since it was outside (you gotta love that!) Plus, after it was over, all the kids were officially tired and ready to go to bed. (A special bonus) When little Dracula was leaving, he turned to me and said, “Lady, that was the best party I ever been to. I had a lot of fun! Can you invite me over next week?” I laughed at that notion, but I was flattered. I handed him his little Dracula teeth and hugged him goodbye.

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