Bad Broach Ideas: Top 5

1. Life Sized Anything
Any type of life size anything is a bad idea. This includes dinosaur’s, model cars, coffee cans and other large and/or cumbersome items. Just imagine leaning over to take a soup sip and ending up face first
in a big bowl of eyeball melting chicken noodle. That is not going to go well for society seekers!

2. Still Alive
Anything that is still alive will bring you much unpleasantness and maybe even some derision from others. Just don’t it. If you are thinking about doing then this, then please, feel free to stop thinking about doing it.

3. Pretty Liquids
Any item comprised of liquid or a liquid residue is not a broach. So STOP IT already! Enough.
Those are called st-ains (read slowly if necessary). Then, stop it. Please.

4. Car Parts
Wheel rims are not broaches and now that you’ve had some time to reflect on the subject, aren’t they borderline heavy? Did the pin hole rip your wife beater?

5. Medical Waste
Most anything that you’ve pulled out of the medical waste bin will not look good on your lapel. Those items better served humanity be being where they were at and not adorning your leather, laced scrub top.

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