Barbie Doll Birthday Party

What little girl doesn’t love Barbie dolls? That’s why a Barbie party is the perfect choice for a little girl who adores her dolls. It’s really easy to make decorations, party favors, and even special foods to celebrate your girl’s birthday and her love for Barbie dolls.

A pink or purple tablecloth is a lovely choice for a Barbie party. If you purchase a cheap, plastic tablecloth you can embellish it by printing images of Barbie, the letter “B”, or even doll clothes. Tape or glue the images around the bottom edges of the tablecloth.

Make place markers by printing out images of doll clothes and writing a name on each one. Or, print out images of a dollhouse.

You can make the most adorable Barbie doll table decorations by melting some wax. Dip a Barbie dress or other doll dress in the wax. Get it out of the wax by using a skewer or similar object. Allow the excess wax to drip off then set the dress on newspaper. Use implements, like skewers, a disposable fork, or similar things to straighten out the dress as the wax sets. The dresses will now stand up on the table without help. Stand them alone or use the dresses as vases.

Pink or purple is a popular color for a Barbie party and you’ll find disposable silverware, napkins, plates, and other objects in those colors. You can make them fit in with the theme of the party by simply stamping “Barbie” or “B” on them with rubber stamps, or even writing the name with paint markers.

Make magnetic Barbie paper dolls by cutting pictures of Barbie, her friends, her car, clothes and more from magazines or other sources. Purchase magnetic sheeting and stick the doll cutouts onto it. The peel-n-stick magnet is ideal for making party favors of magnetic Barbies and accessories.

Make a stunning Barbie cake by simply baking a bundt cake. Frost the cake and spread frosting on the Barbie, from the waist, up. If the doll has long hair consider styling it up on her head for now. Stand the Barbie inside the hole of the bundt cake. If the cake isn’t deep enough to cover the doll up to her waist just arrange real or silk flowers around her.

Your little girl is crazy about Barbie and she’ll be thrilled when she sees the Barbie cake, decorations and party favors which you have made. This will be one birthday she’ll definitely remember forever.

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