Bass Fishing Lures: Shad Imitations

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Of all of the bass fishing lures available to bass anglers there are none more popular than shad imitations. As a matter of fact, shad imitations may be the most popular fishing lures available today, especially on certain bodies of water. In this article I’m going to outline some of the more popular and effective shad imitations available. The key here is that these bass fishing lures are effective, which means that they catch bass.

That’s the key with fishing lures right? They have to be effective and catch bass. Well, I have personally used all of these shad imitations and they are all effective. They certainly have their place in anyone’s tackle box. If any of these bass fishing lures aren’t in your box, I would suggest you add them sooner, rather than later. Let’s get down to business, shall we?

These bass lures are being listed in no particular order, as I said I’ve found them all to be effective.

Bomber Fat Free Shad – These lures are very effective, especially when fishing in 14-18 feet of water. These bass lures come in a variety of colors and imitate a shad very well. They are also effective in shallow water when you “dig” the lip into the bottom as you reel the lure in. Many times this “digging” action triggers a strike. The Bomber shad is a great shad imitation. Bagley Killer B2 – This shad imitation has a wide wobbling action underwater, which is what many anglers say makes these bass fishing lures so effective. These bass lures are made from Balsa wood which makes them realistic, but a little less durable than some other shad imitations. These lures also come in a variety of colors and are best used in shallower water situations. The KickTail – This shad imitation may be the most realistic of all the options available. As far as largemouth bass baits, and especially shad imitations are concerned, the KickTail is incredibly realistic. In fact, under water these lures look almost exactly like a real shad, it’s really quite incredible. Swim Baits – Swim Baits are soft plastic baits that imitate shad very well. These bass fishing lures are also incredibly realistic underwater and look almost exactly like a live shad. There are various ways to fish these bass fishing lures but the bottom line is that swim baits are very effective shad imitations.

As I alluded to earlier all of these shad imitations are effective and have their place in any serious bass anglers tackle box. In many bodies of water shad are a major food source for bass and all of these lure choices imitate this food source very well.

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