Battlefield 3 Multi-player Tips You NEED to Know…

Battlefield 3 has changed the way First Person shooters are made, and the quality is astonishing.This titles multi-player is an experience that every gamer should definitely grab hold of, and not let go. On PC, it is astonishingly beautiful, squeezing as much content and graphics into the final release product that they could. On the console versions, it is equally spectacular for that medium. The big selling point for any first person shooter released in this day and age has to be the multi-player element that game brings to the table. Battlefield 3 gets most of it right, and the innovation this game is founded on will change the FPS landscape for years to come. Touting the highly anticipated “FrostBite 2″ Engine, the game has relatively few flaws concerning the actual engine itself. It seems to take advantage of each mediums processor and memory capacity, and make the most out of what it has to work with. The landscapes are beautiful, the animations crisp and realistic, and the controls and gameplay are more responsive and true to life than any FPS released to date. EA definitely has a winner here.

Concerning Multi-Player, there are a few things that will give you an edge over your competition, so listen up!!! This game is made in a different mold than the usual run and gun FPS, so gameplay and your battle plans should be adjusted to mirror that. As always, communication with your squadmates is key, and if you like to “lone-wolf” it in FPS games, you will find the going that much more difficult. Follow these tips, and you are guaranteed to nudge your score a little higher, and you will be well on your way to Battlefield 3 DOMINATION!!!!!!

1. Keep Moving. Keep moving. Keep moving. I cannot say this enough. Unless you are recon class hiding in a disguised position, you should never become a statue. Even snipers should change their position after every kill to keep their enemies guessing, and keep from becoming stagnate.If you find yourself surrounded with really nowhere to go, prone is the best bet for you to get out of your jam. But do not let it come to that. Moving fluidly and regularly make it increasingly difficult to hit you, and if the enemy player targeting you is at a distance of 50 meters or more, they will most likely have to expend a ton of ammunition in the attempted fragging…….which brings me to my next point.

2. Take note of damage markers and their direction. This game is very unique in the fact that it does take a large amount of damage dealt to actually incapacitate a player. Taking note of where the rounds being shot at you are coming from is vital to prolong your Battlefield existence. Many times players will have to expend more than one full magazine of ammunition in attempting to bring you down, so if you are unsure about exactly where the shooter is, look at those hit markers!!!! It could mean the difference between life and death, and hopefully you can take advantage of them giving up their position, and during the lengthy reloading process, you must press your advantage. Get that assault rifle, press it firmly against your shoulder and then……………….

3. Aim LOW!!!!!! The vertical muzzle climb in this game is very high, even more than it was in DICE’s previous release, BF Bad Company 2. Aiming low lets you take advantage of the natural muzzle climb and kick of the weapon, thus letting more rounds of ammunition hit their target without having to focus on adjusting your aim while you begin firing, giving your enemy a window to take you down. Many times, you will find that due to the muzzle climp, aiming at a persons waist will grant you a headshot. (This tip does not apply to Recon classes using a Sniper rifle. Headshots are at a premium in this game, as it routinely takes over 3 rounds to bring your enemy down if not hitting the opponent in the head . If you are Johnny the Sniper, aim between the eyes, always taking bullet velocity and projectile drop into account.

Take advantage of the games controls and mechanics, and you will always have an edge when it comes to online play. Practice these tactics, and in no time you will be fragging your enemy left and right!!!!! Nothing feels better than cleverly taking your enemy out with a high powered assault rifle over the internet! Don’t you just love the smell of FPS domination in the morning???!!!!

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