Bay Area Breeze Blows UFO Out to Sea

It had been a long day for me, a long day after a long week and months of nothing but problems. That was definitely not my year for prosperity and I knew it. It was March of 1986, and I was traveling by car from Sacrament to San Francisco, California. It was early in the morning about 1:30 a.m. and I was very tired when I had noticed lights flashing about 500 feet above me. At first I didn’t pay any attention to them because I assumed they were just helicopters or something. After a few minutes I started to take an interest because I had realized that the lights over me hadn’t moved and I wasn’t hearing any aircraft noise of any kind.

As I was going over a long stretch in the road before reaching the Bay Area, I leaned forward over the steering wheel as much as I could to get a better look at the flashing lights. As I was trying to make out what I was seeing the realization of what I saw shocked me enough to swerve my car to the shoulder of the road. I had stopped and got out of the car to look at this massive floating object. Once I stepped out of the car my legs froze. I couldn’t seem to move from either shock, fear or some unseen force I can’t say for sure. The object I was looking at reminded me of what it is like being in a domed stadium at night with just a few lights turned on.

The object or craft was like a floating stadium ceiling and was so enormous it must have been a mile long. I could hear no sound except a light breeze common to that area. The object seemed to give off a stillness that permeated the rolling hills around it. The object seemed to be moving along with the night’s cold breeze, not by its own power, . As I watched the object silently and gently being blown over the rolling hills, out toward the sea and out of my sight, did I think that what I was witnessing would ever be believed. What closed eyes we have, trained and conditioned since birth to not believe in such things. What was it, where did it come from and what was it doing? I will never know.

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