Beat the Winter Time Chub!

It’s cold, dark, and ugly outside and you’re too tired to wake up. Your pants feel a bit tighter and you’re more aware of how many times your tummy wrinkles when you sit down, but you don’t care because that big comfy sweater covers everything! Pretty lame mindset if I do say so myself. That sweater doesn’t get rid of that extra chub believe it or not! It only hides it. Want to get rid of the chub and for once not mimic Santa Claus this winter?

Good! Me too! I’d rather feel good about myself sitting around eating turkey AND staring at myself naked in a mirror.

First of all, I’m going to give you tips that are simple, effective and mainly a good start to help you get into the proper exercise and eating regime.


Stop loading up on the carbs! Why is it that the damn coldness makes you want to sit down with a nice juicy cheeseburger? Wake up and make yourself some scrambled eggs, toss in a little bit of mozzarella cheese and diced peppers. If you go over 3 eggs be sure to start to eliminate the yolk. This breakfast will help keep you full until lunchtime and most importantly not fill your body with wheat and carbs that will just increase your blood sugar levels, satisfy you for an hour, and make you super hungry again by 10am. Protein helps fill you up and keeps your body energized. Lunch and dinner is simple – protein, veggies, and if you want some yummy carbs to give you some energy bake some yams. Just don’t over do it. Diet is very key – eat less, but more often.


Don’t let yourself go hungry – you’ll feel like crap, be angry, and it won’t do anything for those rolls. Grab a handful of almonds (15 a day only) or an apple with a spoonful of peanut or almond butter – the real stuff! Or have as many veggies as you like – go wild with veggies.


I have an easy exercise routine to stick to in the winter that you won’t dread and it will help you prepare that confident body and mind for the summer. Get it done in the morning if you can so your metabolism can be up all day. Do three days of 45 minute cardio and two or three days of intense weights that you feel the next day. Cardio is done on a treadmill while walking on the highest incline at a fast walking speed (you better be sweating!) This is 100% less daunting than running and extremely effective for weight loss.

A quick weight routine can be 30 minutes max – just push yourself! Don’t skimp on the weights – cardio isn’t the way to shed some layers – the more muscles you have the more calories you burn. Just remember this: muscle EATS fat for breakfast.

Alright – go take off those sweaters, stand in the mirror naked, and get motivated to start your winter routine. Its simple and effective so no excuses unless looking like Santa Claus is exactly what you want this winter. Good luck!

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