Beating Depression

I have suffered through depression for much of my life. It wasn’t until recently that I realized that I could do something about it. I spent months testing different methods to beat this feeling that left me seemingly defeated. Therapy never seemed to help due to a feeling that no counselor ever seemed to understand. Without motivation, it didn’t seem like a life worth living but there was a light at the end of the tunnel. Wisdom lies in the fact that if a desirable path cant be found at the moment, you have to make one. This simple piece of advice was just the thing I needed to begin my journey.

The first thing I needed was enlightenment. I needed to realize where the problem originated from so I could fix the source. For me it was a sense of failure with the direction I was taking. To fix this I not only changed the direction of my actions but also my mindset. I saw that some things in life shouldn’t be taken seriously. From then on I taught myself to look at life with a more humorous outlook. It took a little push in some moments but eventually it was time for the metaphoric training wheels to be taken off.

At times I began to feel myself slipping. The efficiency of old methods began to fade so I needed a bit of a tune-up. My next breakthrough dealt with what makes me happy. In order to find happiness you need to know what makes you happy in the first place. The best thing I can suggest is to surround yourself with them. When I began to do this, life began to look more bright. Its up to you to find the things that give you joy. Beyond that, just fill the void that your depression leaves with them.

I wish good luck to anybody that suffers through this because I understand, but also because everybody deserves to be happy.

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