Beauty is the Way of Life

Beauty is the way of life.

Without beauty, there is no reason.

Beauty takes the ugly away,

And helps restore the natural balance of life.

Beauty is everywhere we gaze.

There is beauty in a friendly handshake,

There is beauty in a smile to a stranger.

There is beauty in a kiss from a brother to a baby sister,

There is beauty when the house is quiet.

There is beauty in a friendship that has lasted over years,

And beauty in one that just started.

There is beauty in the star filled night,

And beauty in the bright sunny spring day.

Everywhere we look, beauty can be found.

Walking in a park and feeling the light wind,

As it blows your hair you catch a smell of flowers.

The scent is so faint you cannot put your finger on it.

You continue to walk and end up in an area filled with Cherry Blossom trees.

Even simple beauty can brighten any day.

Just imagine if everyone was thankful for the simple beauty in life.

All life would be more beautiful.

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