Beauty Tips to Get Sexy Cleavage – or Fake It

Cosmetics can do wondrous things, even enhance your breast cleavage – well, kind of. While the look is only temporary, makeup can give one the illusion of bigger breasts in a sexy and subtle way. When sporting this look, the key is to show a bit of cleavage without spilling out your goods. Gain the confidence to finally wear that cute dress with the dangerously low neckline or that seductive bikini top at the beach. Try these beauty tips to get sexy cleavage with makeup.

Bra Secrets

Most women know that finding the perfect-fitting bra can be difficult, but essential for comfort and appearance. Bras can lift breasts up and together to create sexy cleavage instantly. Try an underwire bra with light padding to improve shape and hold breasts in place. Always put your bra on the tightest hook, as eighty percent of the bra is held in place by the strap alone.

Primer Basics

Prepare the skin for makeup by applying a quality moisturizer to the neck and cleavage. Next, choose a light-colored foundation to highlight these areas. Apply a dab of concealer on minor flaws, such as blemishes, scars, or dark spots. Blend in well to camouflage these areas with your natural skin tone.

Makeup Tools

Bronzer is the key to making your breasts appear fuller and larger. Choose a dark-colored bronzer and apply with a brush to avoid streaks. Brush the bronzer on the area between your breasts, starting at the top of the cleavage line and ending at the point where the breasts meet the bra. Blend the bronzer to create a V shape to make your cleavage appear deeper. To highlight breasts, apply a light colored face powder or even a light eye shadow in the same manner. Remember to keep the makeup close to your natural skin color for the most natural results.

Lift Tricks

Simple exercises can give the breasts a noticeable boost. Work out the bottom of the pectoral muscle by completing 25 reps of a chest exercise. Try grabbing two 20-oz water bottles – one for each hand. Lay on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Extend your arms to the side and then bring them together above the chest, while keeping your arms straight.

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