Belly Dance Accessories: How to Make Primitive Style Jewelry Chains

The small hard Melba toast or rye chips found in party snack mixes, or the rye chips found in bags by their self, can enhance belly dance outfits. Here’s what you do.

Poke a hole in the center of each toast with an icepick, or a drill with a small bit will also work, and run a string through the holes. Plastic art string found in the crafts section of stores that is used to make key rings and do bead work is not only strong but it is colorful. As you run the string through the toast, think about where you want to the bead work to be on your body. For instance, do you want to wear it on your neck, wrists, waist or ankles?

When you are comfortable with the length, tie the string in a knot or a strong, tight bow to hold it on. If you will be wearing it on your wrists or neck, make sure that you have made the length long enough that you can slip it on and off before you tie it in a knot. If it is to be worn on your waist or ankles, you can tie it in a tight bow so you can tie it on and off. Or leave the string ends open but tie a small knot up next to the last piece of toast on each side to keep the toast from sliding off and then tie it on. In this way, you won’t have the hassle of the toast trying to slide off as you are tying it on. Finish by spraying the toast with clear acrylic spray paint. Let the paint dry. When you are ready to wear the toast, slip or tie them on.

You can leave the toast as is or you can paint the edges gold or silver for sparkle and a stunning primitive affect. Or you can cover the toast with paint instead of just the edges but you’ll lose the brownish color, which adds to the feeling of primeval enchantment. If you are going to paint the toast with gold or silver be sure to do it before you spray paint with clear acrylic. Let the gold or silver dry before you finish the piece off with the acrylic spray paint.

The toast will click when they hit each other as you do your belly dance moves. The clicks will form a beat that will make the dance even more alluring.

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