Bendable Candle

Since I discovered beeswax, years ago, I’ve had so much fun with making candles. I had always done the melting and pouring to make candles, but after discovering beeswax, I could make many different candles without ever going to the stove. Beeswax is sold in sheets and all you do is roll it around the wick to produce a candle. No melting, no pouring, no mess – it’s fabulous. I started out like most candle makers who use beeswax. I made tapers, moved on to pillars, but basically did general candles. One day, I had an idea to make an unusual candle, which could be shaped any way I wanted, and it took only a few minutes to make. After that, I went crazy with it, and you will, too. Use beeswax to make a candle that can be turned and twisted to the shape you want, any time you want. A bendable candle is a lovely way to accent a wedding reception, a party table, or another area.

When you use entire sheets of beeswax you can make these bendable candles that stand up tall, are all in a row, and can be shaped to any design you want. The row is all one piece with several wicks. To begin making the easy candle just lay a sheet of beeswax on a table in front of you. Position it so that the longest side faces you. Heat the wax with a blow dryer and lay a second sheet of beeswax on top of the first one.

Cut wicks to lay on the beeswax sheets. The wicks should be a couple of inches longer than the wax itself. Lay the first wick close to the edge on the left side, but stay an inch or so away from the very edge. Measure over a couple of inches, and lay another wick. Continue laying another, and another, until you’ve got wicks that are evenly spaced, from one end of the wax to the other.

Lay a sheet of beeswax over the wicks and align the edges of this new sheet with the edges of the existing beeswax sheets. Heat this new sheet and cover it with one more. Now, you should have two sheets of beeswax on top, two on the bottom, and the wicks trapped between them.

Stand the candle up and shape it the way you want. Bend it to make a letter, a heart, or any other design. These standing, bendable candles are unusual and prominent. Follow the instructions above to make a slender candle row, or add more beeswax sheets to make a thicker version. Use them for any special occasion and everyone will notice and remember them.

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