Benefits of Trees to the Air

There are so many different types of trees and each one brings beauty to the world around us. They are like wonderful ornaments to any outdoor and even indoor space. Trees provide much more than a pleasant appearance, but are also very beneficial to the environment. One incredibly useful advantage of trees is their contribution to our air quality. Our health also profits in turn from their service to the ecosystem. Learning their impact on our air will hopefully help many of us appreciate and utilize their natural benefits.

Trees protect us from the sun. They supply shade which is especially important when the weather is very hot. Cities and industrial sites with buildings, pavement, and concrete have steady high temperatures that are higher than the surrounding areas. This is called a heat-island effect which is caused by heat retention. It is hotter because there is little shade to escape and reduce the effects of the hot air. Having trees in cities produces shade, makes it cooler, and regulates the heat-island effect. These cities are not as hot as the regions surrounding because of the coolness brought on by the shade from trees. Their size also determines the amount of heat that will be reduced. The bigger the tree is, the more cool air it provides.

Our lung health is supported by the trees natural filtration system. Many particles including dust, smoke, and ash are harmful to our lungs when we breathe them in. These particles are filtered by leaves of trees, shrubs, and other plants. The contaminants are rinsed off of the leaves and on to the ground when it rains. Ozone, sulfur dioxide, and carbon monoxide are other forms of air pollution that are absorbed and removed by trees. Breathing in the clean air that is purified by this greenery helps to keep our lungs healthy and prevents respiratory sickness that could be caused by a dirty and tree scarce environment.

Trees have an important role in supplying us with oxygen. Oxygen is very imperative to human health. It is released in the air when carbon dioxide is removed and absorbed by trees. High levels of carbon dioxide can cause respiratory damage. When it is removed from the air it is absorbed in to the leaves, subsequently producing oxygen. All human beings need oxygen to breathe and without it our bodies will not function at all. Inhaling it is the same as feeding our blood. Without it the body will suffocate.

Having an awareness of the significance of trees and all the ways they support our air makes it clear that the world without trees would be incredibly harmful to our health. It is apparent that a greener environment improves our quality of life. Planting in areas where air pollution is relatively high can improve the health of its inhabitants. It not only benefits the air in urban areas, but it is good for the earth in its entirety.

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