Berry Gordy: Motown’s Quality Control Division

I guess, we all know that Berry Gordy was a visionary according to those only close to him. We also aware that Berry Gordy could always pick hit records, as the loyalist loves to state. One reason, is in the truth he wasn’t he promoters or radio station personel that sometimes goes with their own agenda in chosing which songs has strong potential. Especially, in the open ended year, of the sixties.

Motown’s Quality Control unit, of the label was just someway to appear corporate. Where a select few was seated together TRYING to decide, what was hit worthy? We hear stories, where great producer had to push him into releasing songs that blew through the roof, of the label in the sixties. Which kicks this story that Gordy could tell a hit song, withn minutes of listening.

We sure, the auto plant factory loves hearing how he borrowed, the idea, from his former employer. Mybe, before he created Motown. He might have comprehended the royalty disputes he had, with the managers of Jackie Wilson during the days, he co-wrote some big hits for the singer.

ho hadn’t listen to recent releases and realize that the sixties executives couldn’t comprehend exactly, what potential many unreleased songs had to become greater hits, on the charts? At, many companies , of greater porportion they have a human resource department, with one or more operating, within that capacity. So, it might have been Gordy way, of hiring associates to work in this division to appear bigger than the label really was.

For, a song to achieve major play on radio stations in the sixties took seious connection. We might not undertand the phase , of having friends in select spots. But, it’s true that the friend in high place plays serious attention in you get through that door.

Barney Ales, was that connection that Motown needed more than the credit he gets. He has sources to get them elevated in places that many doesn’t wants to admit. He was their QUALITY PROMOTER executive.

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