Best Classic Literature for Pre Teen Boys

In today’s world, young people are inundated with the latest technological marvels. Ipods, cell phones, Wii, and many others to today’s youth. With so many distractions, it has become increasingly difficult for today’s kids to become familiar with classical literature. The best way to generate a love for classic literature is to provide a good story that the kids will love. Let them read it and hope that the story will create a life- long interest in classic literature. Below are some of the best classical novels for young readers.

Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson (1883): This is the story about a young Johnny Hawkins, who accidentally discovers a treasure map in the trunk of a dead pirate, Billy Bones. Read about the adventures of young Johnny as he enlists the aid of a crew and the battles with a group of pirates, intent on stealing the treasure. The pirates are led by the evil Long John Silver.

War of the Worlds, by HG Wells (1898): Martians have just landed outside London. In fact, Martians are landing all over the world. The combined armies of the world mobilize to fight off the attackers. Unfortunately, the mighty Martian Tripods are simply too much for them and the armies of Earth are massacred.

The Three Musketeers, by Alexendre Dumas (1844): The first of the D’Artagnan trilogy, the Three Musketeers follows the adventures of a young and dashing D’Artagnan. He befriends musketeers, Pathos, Athos and Aramis. Along the way, the group has a series of adventures in defense of the King of France. D’Artagnan proves himself and eventually, joins the ranks of the proud Musketeers.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, by Jules Verne (1870). Three unlucky seamen, Ned Land, Professor Arronax and Conseil are adrift at sea when they are taken aboard a strange vessel. This vessel has the power to travel underwater and is led by the mysterious Captain Nemo. These guests, or prisoners depending on the point of view, travel the world’s oceans under the care of Captain Nemo.

The Call of the Wild, by Jack London (1903): Buck, a peaceful domestic dog is kidnapped and suddenly finds himself in Alaska. He is sold to an Alaskan man as a sled dog. Buck is treated cruelly and eventually finds himself in the care of a gentle master. However, as time moves on, Buck befriends a pack of wolves and slowly spends more and more time with them. One day, he finds his new master dead. No longer held by his love of his master, he now lives with the wolf pack in the wild.

Robinson Crusoe, by Daniel Dafoe: (1719): Unfortunate Robinson finds himself the sole survivor of a shipwreck. He is deposited on a deserted island which he names “The Island of Despair”. He spends the next 28 years living on the island, where he improves his life by domesticating goats, farming, hunting and scavenging. He eventually saves a man who is being pursued by savages. He befriends the man and the two become lifelong friends.

The books listed above are all literary classics. They are also all enjoyable reads. Give one to your youngster and foster an interest in the classics.

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