Best Free IPhone Apps for the Fashionista

I absolutely love my iPhone for many different reasons, but the unlimited amount of fashion inspiriation, direction and tools it provides makes it an invaluable resource! Let me share with you some of the best free fashion and beauty apps I have found.

Ask A Stylist – I discovered this app when I read an article by Glamour magazine that was promoting it. I cannot possibly describe what a great asset it is! I have no doubt that the developers were absolutely genious. No matter how confident you are in your personal style and fashion taste, we all have those times when a second opinion would make us feel so much more in ease. With the Ask A Stylist app, you can simply snap a photo of the clothes or outfit in question, select the professional stylist that you feel has a similar sense of title, and type out a message asking for her opinion or stating your question. Within 10 minutes at the most, you’ll receive her helpful answer and any suggestions or recommendations she may have. So simple and yet so brilliant!

OPI – The OPI nail app is not only helpful but also incredibly fun. You can browse through all of OPIs gorgeous nail colors, and actually “try on” any of the polishes that catch your eye. And in order to fully get a feel for how the different colors would look on you, you can adjust the skin tone and the length of the nails on the hand model. How super is that!?

PopSugar – This app is a perfectly formatted iPhone version of the fabulous PopSugar website, along with the sister sites of BellaSugar (beauty and make-up), TresSugar (life and style), PetSugar (animals and pets), LilSugar (babies and kids) and more! You can browse their helpful articles and fun photo galleries for literally hours at a time. Kiss boredom goodbye!

Gucci – There’s just something about the Gucci app that makes me feel so very luxe everytime I pull it up. For instant boost of chic, pull up this gorgeous app covered in Gucci’s signature colors and classic monogram and watch some of their super sophisitcated movies. Inspiration abounds.

Fashion Boutique – Yes, I know it’s one of those all too many virtual games. But, who hasn’t wanted to design and manage their own fashion boutique? It’s a great way to let your creative juices flow, and nobody actually has to know that you’re playing it!

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