Best Health Care Plans in California

California has the health insurance providers that offer a good plan to each citizen, a low cost plan or a secure coverage plan. The State’s companies also ensure that small businesses have plans for their employees. The best plans give you choices with the low monthly premiums or the considerable insurance payments you value.

Aetna’s Lost Cost Plan

The Preventive and Health Care 3000 plan has low monthly premiums for coverage at a good network of providers. Expenses can be considerable for an average family, yet not too high to expect bills that are out of reach. The annual deductible is $3,000 for an individual and $6,000 for a family. Aetna caps the annual out of pocket payments at $5,000 and $10,000.

The plan does not cover everything a citizen might need in a year. Patients pay the whole bill for office visits and prescription drugs. However, members can plan for full coverage by using a health savings account.

Anthem’s Low Cost and Moderate Expense Plan

The average California citizen can have the coverage they want to cover expensive medical costs with the CoreGuard plan. Coverage is secure. After the deductible, Anthem pays 50 percent of costs up to $3,500, and then pays the rest. The deductible can be as low as $7,500, or as high as $10,000.

For doctor’s visits and outpatient services, the plan covers 50 percent at Anthem/Blue Cross providers and 70 percent at other providers. Maternity care is not covered.

Kaiser Permanente’s Low Expense Plan

Plan members pay low medical bills with Kaiser Permanente’s $20 Co-Pay $500 Deductible plan. Kaiser keeps the family plan inexpensive with a $1,000 deductible for all family members. Maximum out of pocket expenses in a year are $2,500 and $5,000, with no lifetime benefit maximum.

Visits for preventive exams and family planning cost the same $20 as the regular visits to primary and secondary care doctors. Hospital stays cost $100 per day after the deductible. For parents, the plan covers maternity care and, at no charge, expenses for visits that keep a child well from 0 to 23 months.

Aetna’s Small Business Choice Plan

The Small Business PPO $750 80/60 plan gives employees at businesses with 2 to 50 eligible employees a chance to have health coverage and the chance to choose the doctor the member wants. The $750 is the deductible. The 80 and 60 refer to the percentage coinsurance the member pays for Aetna doctors and other doctors.

The typical office visits cost only a $25 co-pay to Aetna health care providers and 60 percent at other providers. Outpatient visits for lab and x-ray by Aetna doctors do not cost, and cost 60 percent with other doctors.

CIGNA’s Secure Savings Plan

A health savings plan enables members to save for medical expenses and have a high expense coverage. The Health Savings 1900 plan has moderate deductibles at $1,900 and $3,800. The insurance coverage is comprehensive. CIGNA pays 70 percent of doctor’s visits, child preventive care and ambulance and emergency services, with no lifetime limits on benefits.

You pay as little as $10 for prescription drugs.

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