Best Kids Bikes 2011-2012

A new first bike for the Christmas holidays is high on the gift list for most tots. From the list of Best Kids Bikes for this 2011 season into 2012 I’ve described below the top 3 picks.

I’ve ranked these best choices based on consumer input for safety and ease of use by youngsters and also by using the most recent sales results:

Strider PREbike Balance Running Bike – for kids 1-5 years of age:

The Strider PREbike Balance Running Bike is the number one step on the bike riding ladder. If your tot can walk, he or she can ride the Strider. Its small size, light weight and low center of gravity gives your child a secure feeling. This is a two wheeler with no training wheels or pedals. Tots first straddle the bike while holding the handlebars without even sitting on the seat and just ‘walk’ the bike. Next, they quickly learn to sit and push themselves along with their feet while practicing balance. Finally, with more confidence they can sit and use the integrated foot rest while they happily coast along on two wheels. The PREbike includes adjustable seat and handlebars and puncture-proof all-terrain tires.

Huffy Disney Princess Bike – 12″ and 16″ Wheels:

You’ll be watching your little princess on wheels with the Huffy Disney Princess Bike. With the durable Huffy Y-frame, you can be assured of this bike’s durability. There are lots of fun features included. On the front handlebars is a Disney Princess basket for any necessary take alongs. Colorful streamers are attached to the ends of the handlebars to blow and shimmer as she pedals along. There is a bell on the front to alert passers-by and a doll carrier behind the seat so her little friends can have a ride too. The bike is mainly pink in color and comes in either a 12″ or 16″ size. Training wheels are included.

YBIKE Balance Bike – for kids 18 months to 4 years of age:

A good beginner bike for toddlers the YBIKE Balance Bike is designed to help your tot learn the skill, coordination and balance needed to ride bigger bikes. The wide knobby front wheel is placed far-forward making a wider turning circle so kids are less likely to fall when turning. A pair of close-set large back wheels make balancing easier while turning. The large wheels and high ground clearance maintain safe riding on almost any terrain including pavement, grass and even sand. YBIKE is built with an injection-molded frame that is tough and eliminates weak points. A design intended to help kids learn to ride without risk of injury.

A first bike is one of the first means of independence for your child. You want to make sure your tot will learn to ride safely and enjoy the experience. The Best Bikes for Kids for the 2011 holidays into 2012 will help you pick the right two-wheeler for your child.

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