Best Local Guitar Shops in the Central New Jersey Area

Raritan Bay Guitar Repair
3352 Rt. 9 S, Freehold NJ
(732) 866-9024

As their name implies, Raritan Bay Guitar Repair specializes in repairs and maintenance of all fretted instruments. This small storefront’s expertise guitar setup stands above the competitors. Staff is always informative, friendly, and eager to help.

There are also two major music retailers who specialize in guitars in the local Central New Jersey area: Sam Ash and Guitar Center.

Sam Ash Music Stores
1871 Rt. 27, Edison NJ
(732) 572-5595

Sam Ash is a sure bet for all guitar related needs for the avid guitarist. The large store is conveniently located near routes 1, 18, and 287 in central New Jersey. Sam Ash is a national retailer with many locations, and items not available in the store can be ordered from their website.

Guitar Center
(732) 257-8500
666 Rt. 18, East Brunswick NJ

Guitar Center is a music superstore with an excellent selection. There are more choices for everything related to guitars compared to smaller music retailers. Guitar Center also has a user-friendly website to find what isn’t carried in their stores. If the item isn’t found on their website, there is also a sister website:

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