Best Small Business Ideas for 2012

Enter 2012, a year with mixed hopes for businesses, both small and large. Whether the economic scenario will improve or deteriorate in 2012 isn’t very clear yet; however, there is now a strong focus on small businesses and how important they are for economic growth and generating jobs for people. So, you want to start a small business and are looking for the best business ideas for 2012. Here we present 10 small business ideas for 2012 that we feel are going to be popular.

1. Facebook Marketing Specialist – Businesses are gradually realizing the importance of creating a presence on Facebook; however, they need support for marketing themselves on Facebook. If you are an expert at Facebook and know marketing well then this can be a great business opportunity for you.

2. Tutoring Business – Due to lack of time and skills parents usually face difficulty teaching their kids; however, they do want their kids to score well. Tutoring can be a great business opportunity for someone with required qualification and expertise in a subject.

3. Coupons Business – The year 2011 can be easily called the year of coupons and deals as it saw companies such as Groupon, LivingSocial and others growing exponentially. There is still scope left for lots of such businesses which can help connect local businesses and customers by distributing their coupons.

4. Senior Care – A growing number of seniors presents a tremendous business opportunity in terms of providing care to these people. The senior market in itself is really huge as it involves not only providing care but other services such as catering, assistance with tasks such as paying bills, shopping etc.

5. Copywriting Business – Everyday thousands of new websites are created and all of them need great copy to convert site visitors to customers. If you think you have the ability to write content that can persuade a site visitor, starting a copywriting business can be a great idea.

6. Mobile Apps – The huge popularity of iPad and introduction of several new tablets has created a new market altogether; the market of apps. Put this along with mobile phones and you have a giant market opportunity that is waiting to be exploited. Mobile phone and tablet users use apps for just about everything be it business or entertainment, learning or fun. As a mobile app developer you can create and sell your apps directly to the users or provide app development services to people who want to create an app.

7. Kids Photography – While photography is a hobby for a lot of people it can also be a great business opportunity. The need is to find your niche and one such area is kids photography. People cherish memories and are ready to pay for the right kind of services that can help them preserve precious moments.

8. Videography Business – The rise of YouTube as a marketing platform presents a great business opportunity for people who know how to shoot great quality videos. As with photography businesses, you will need to find your niche in videography business also as it may involve anything from shooting an event such as a seminar to shooting a product demo.

9. Online Business – Starting an online business can never go down in popularity as everyone wants to make money online. Blogging is one such online business that is easy to start and manage and with people always on the lookout for information and great content one can make some good money blogging.

10. Pet Business – People love their pets and are ready to spend on them because they are so special. Pet business ideas range from pet grooming to training and food to pet photography.

So, that was our list of small business ideas for 2012. If you have more small business ideas that you want others to know do share them with others by leaving a comment.

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