Best Thrift Stores in Philly

In addition to so much else, Philadelphia has some fantastic thrift stores if you know where to look. They offer everything from clothes and books to kitchenware, furniture, and electronics. If you’re on a budget, these places are a great place to save some cash.

Philly AIDS Thrift

Wonderful and inexpensive. This store has clothes from American Apparel and Banana Republic with a separate section specifically for business/dress wear and dubbed it “Fancy Land.” Awesome. They also have books, music, furniture, kitchen supplies, and much more. Again, all nice and inexpensive and it was very neatly organized while I was there, but I’ve heard stories about it being less organized other days. Regardless, it has some great merchandise and supports a great cause.

Wilbur: Vintage and Designer Clothing

There are tons of amazing vintage and designer clothes and accessories here for women and men. It’s one of those rare thrift/vintage stores where every piece is something gorgeous. It’s a smaller store, but Dan manages to fit a lot inside. It’s a bit more expensive than a thrift store like Philly AIDS Thrift, but the items are all beautiful, vintage/pre-owned goodness that are much cheaper than their counterparts elsewhere (you won’t find vintage stuff like this at PAT). And with wonderful staff and customer service, it’s a store I adore.


Reverie mostly caters to women’s fashion and they’re often open odd hours. They have both pre-owned and vintage awesomeness, and they consign clothes as well once a month on a Thursday. The prices are on the same level as Wilbur, but so is the quality. They’re another store that is able to pack a seemingly endless supply of gems into a small space.

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