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Want to get in the mood for Halloween? Turn off the lights and cozy up with a good old fashioned zombie movie. There’s just something soothing about watching mindless zombies terrorize a group of innocent victims, don’t you think? Enjoy any of these great zombie movies this weekend with the one you love.

Zombieland (2009)

Zombieland is one of the best zombie movies EVER made for one reason – It has all the gore, blood, death, and suspense of traditional zombie movies, but it’s combined with a dark humor that hasn’t been seen in zombie movies of the past.

In Zombieland, zombies have taken over and only a few normal humans survive. In the beginning of the film, we meet Columbus, a young man who has devised a set of ‘rules’ to surviving in Zombieland. # 1 on the list is cardio – You’ve got to work on your cardio if you plan on outrunning a blood thirsty zombie! His list of other rules are both hilarious and practical and we, the audience, are taken on an adventure where Columbus meets Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson) who then team up with two girls they meet along the way. Their adventures and near-death experiences are oddly humorous and exciting.

Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Night of the Living Dead is a classic cult movie that really set the bar for all other zombie movies that followed it. Since this movie was put out in black and white, and the special effects are minimal, what makes this zombie movie frightening is the mere storyline and situational horror.

The plot for Night of the Living Dead includes seven strangers who are trapped in a house that has been surrounded by zombies. Flesh eating, blood sucking zombies bang on the walls outside the house, and try desperately to get inside to attack them. There are several scenes that will have you on the edge of your seat, and gripping the person next to you. Prepared to be stunned when a pre-teen girl is gutted like a fish by her mother!

Dawn of the Dead (2004)

This is a remake of the original Dawn of the Dead movie that was released in 1978, and it is literally action packed from beginning to end. The first thirty minutes of this movie alone, had me on the edge of my seat. The movie starts simply enough with Nicole, a nurse, returning home from her job. When she wakes the next morning, the world has been taken over by zombies. She first realizes this when a young girl from the neighborhood shows up in her bedroom and viciously attacks her boyfriend. YES! That’s the first “kill” of the movie and it goes on in traditional zombie style from that point forward.

Nicole eventually meets up with a small number of eccentric people who find safety in a deserted mall, and lock themselves inside. Zombies are, of course, drawn to the area and attempt to get to the people through various means. In addition to trying to stave off wickedly insane looking, flesh-eating zombies, the small group of people begin to suspect one another of turning into zombies and begin to turn on one another.

The special effects in this zombie movie are very good, and the action is non-stop. The scenes are graphic, and there is a lot of gore, so if you get squeamish at the sight of blood, stay away from this one.

Quarantine (2008)

This movie starts out very slow, but once it hits it’s stride, it’s a very exciting zombie movie. In the beginning, we follow a female reporter who is interviewing the Los Angeles Fire Department firemen. When the crew is receives a call, she hops on the fire truck and the cameras are rolling as they pull up to an apartment building and find a woman that has been infected with something. (This movie is filmed much like the Blair Witch Project, with the camera bouncing and moving while filming)

Before you know it, the entire building is in lock down, and the reporter, all the firemen, and everyone that resides in the apartment building are trapped inside. Anyone that tries to leave is shot and killed. Worse yet, the woman that the original call was about is not the only one that has been infected. It’s not long before everyone inside is fighting for their lives, and is suspicious of everyone else, as they are unsure which one of them may turn into a zombie next.

28 Days Later (2003)

There is some controversy whether 28 Days Later is actually a zombie movie or not. It’s my opinion that it is, but with a unique twist. In 28 Days later, animal rights activities unwittingly free a group of infected chimpanzees, who set out to cause a lot of damage in a small London town.

When a man who has been in a coma wakes 28 days later, he walks onto the city streets to find them largely deserted. He is able to find a small group of survivors who share terrifying stories about the murderous creatures that have taken over. The most terrifying news is revealed when we learn that the chimpanzees carrying a deadly virus that infects and turns them into murderous, zombie-like creatures.

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