Betrayed. You lied to me. I understand why you lied. But still, to me? You didn’t have to lie to me. You never have to lie to me. My love for you is unconditional. I will love you always. There is simply nothing, nothing you could ever do, to make me love or look at you any differently. I’ve loved you from day one. Always have, always will, you are my best friend. And you don’t ever have to lie to me. I’m sorry I couldn’t have been stronger, more mature for you. I’m sorry you had to lie, but I still love you and I look at you no differently. You are still amazing and the epitome of how strength, loyalty, love and sincerity should coincide.

My room is a mess. There’s crap everywhere! Everywhere I look, I’m sitting on the floor trying to figure out how to organize my book collection; that’s grown like a dern weed, in the last three months alone. Boxed in on all sides, by boxes, and paper, magazines, CDs and the like. I go back into this box of junk that I haven’t seen in at least ten years. It’s really stupid that I did, because I still have to organize, the pile of books. But the box is sitting there, annoying me blocking my view of the doorway. “Oh, look at this! I’ve never seen this!” That’s what I thought, I was so happy to see it. A piece of my history I was too naive to remember. As old as the paper card-like thing was, it’s still in good condition. As I opened it, my eyes were drawn to the fourth word in the first line. The word that said everything, I ever believed was a lie.

You lied to me when you didn’t have to. You betrayed me when there will never be a need to. Yet you are still human, and I mature enough to understand you. Yes, I still love you and now our lie, is safe with me.

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