Beware the 95 Percenters!

We all say we want to do well, or at least better – more success in terms of daily life, happiness, relationships, money…. It’s evident that most of us are unsatisfied, unfullfilled and poor! There are reasons why that is so, reasons why 95% are doomed to be that way, that same 95% will help teach their children to be the same…

Maybe we wil go deeper into that area another time. In the meantime, we can adopt some ideas to buck that trend for ourselves!
Imagine feeling a little better most of the time, having more money, interacting with others in a more satisfying way. It can be done – it is possible.
Let’s look at some ideas and approaches we can use to help ourselves:

Truthfullness (be so to yourself first, and then to others). Sometimes uncomfortable, even unpleasant, we need to look in the mirror and hold ourselves accountable for what we do and perhaps more importantly, what and how we think.
From our thoughts we ultimately act. If you do not think about and reflect upon your actions, you will tend to do foolish things, like blindly following people who do think – they may not be thinking of your best interests! Reflect on that.

Peacefullness (strive for internal peace, make efforts to think well and positively. Act peacefully, even when you really don’t feel that way(self control!). Step back from anger when it appears for a time. Strive to step back from any strong, instant emotion that clouds judgement(infatuation, jealousy, rage…)

Respectfullness(yourself first!) Believe first that you are worthwhile, even if all the “evidence” around you(including friends and family!) says you may not be.
Challenge that and ponder “what if I am worthwhie – what then?”
As you increase your self-respect, share that feeling in the way you interact with others – respect others, too – this tends to lead to peacefullness, and non violent lifestyle.

Love! Being truthfull to yourself, striving for some inner peace while respecting yourself allows you to truly begin to love yourself, then as your thinking changes, so your behavior changes, the more you will love yourself, be more self-assured, relaxed, and be able to really love others.

The practice of these ideas, directed to any moral endeavour, such as ethical business, will ensure success, it’s inevitable. You will automatically associate with groups and individuals who to some degree behave in a similar way to you.
Add basic common sense like money control, some work ethic(no magic money ideas, work is required) and a proven business system, and there really will be no stopping you!

So go ahead – be the best YOU!

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