Big Brother 13 Eviction August 18, 2011, Spoilers & Endurance HOH Live Updates

Daniele Donato was the HOH this week in the Big Brother 13 house and nominated Adam and Shelly for eviction. Her plan is to backdoor Brendon Villegas and evict him for good. Last week Brendon came back into the Big Brother house after winning America’s vote and beating last weeks evictee Lawon in a competition. Read below to see who went home on August 18, 2011. Tonight’s HOH competition looks like it is going to last awhile so I will continue to update until we have a winner. The next Big Brother 13 episode is going to be a double eviction and will air this Sunday August 25, 2011 on CBS.

Spoiler warning, this article is not just a recap of the show. It contains spoilers and will be updated often with info about what is going on in the Big Brother 13 house as it happens which is way before the shows air on CBS.

Brendon was voted out for a second and final time. He will be the first jury member and gets to have a say in who will win season 13 of Big Brother. Rachel Reilly, Brendon’s fiancee was the only person who voted to keep him and evict Shelly. With a vote of 5-1 Brendon was evicted again from the house.

The HOH competition is one of those endurance competitions that take a long time to complete so we did not get to see who the winner was on tonight’s live show. No worries though, I will post frequent updates to this article below to let you know how the HOH competition is progressing.

As of right now all of the houseguests are still pretty even. What they have to do is walk up and down a slippery aisle with a small cup of dish soap fill up a large fish bowl. The first person to retrieve a pinball from the bowl will win.

Porsche looks like she is doing the best so far which is not surprising because she is a waitress and should excel at this kind of competition.

All of the veterans are in the lead at this point, It is still hard to tell who is winning but Jeff, Jordan and Rachel’s fishbowls look slightly higher than everyone else’s.

The bowls look like they are half full now, Jeff is in the lead. They only have to fill up the bowl enough so that they could reach in and retrieve that floating pinball. Porsche looks like she is in 2nd place.

Jeff will most likely be the HOH winner, the competition is almost over.

Jeff wins HOH for the week! 8/18/2011

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