I’ve been searching for the elusive Sasquatch

Big Foot is what he is called

It’s a very large risk to hunt for the beast

You could end up in danger or mauled

Into the woods I journey to find

The cross between ape and man

Instead I’ve found an assortment of creatures

That weren’t part of the original plan

Big Nose was the first animal I found

He smelled me way before I was near

Big Ears looked silly but I tried not to laugh

And hurt his feelings which he’d hear

Big Eyes spotted me before I saw him

We stared, blinked and moved on

Big Arms dragged his fists on the ground

A weird figure with plenty of brawn

Big Lips surprised me by being so sweet

He blew me a great big kiss

Big Hands pointed a finger my way

The discovery filled me with bliss

None of these discoveries was quite the same

As finding the Big Foot I searched for

I continue to search, and some day I’ll find

Because the Big animals are no longer a lore

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