Bill Clinton at 65 and My Sixty-Fifth Birthday

Bill Clinton turned 65 and I will be 65 in 2013. I do not want a birthday party. In case I get rich and have a birthday party, I do not want a man singing a song that says he wants my love. This is about the silliest birthday party for a 65 year old lady or a man. Do not have a ga ga goo goo singer or any entertainer that sings such in my honor ever, sing at my birthday party. If I had the money to have a birthday party it would be a fundraiser event for the homeless people.

I would only have entertainers who volunteered the time for the homeless. The artist would not sing songs downgrading women or call them bitches. I would only have artists, such as on American Idol.There are a lot of great artists but for most; money has puffed them up and made them mental. There would be no alcohol served because most people make fools of themselves when drinking; rich or poor.

I would have food served to the quests without requiring them to dress formal or smell good. Diamonds and gold jewelry that require guards would not be allowed. I would have a meal with all the food available. It would last a couple of hours. It may not be the best party for some people, but didn’t Jesus say feed my sheep?

I realize this won’t solve the homeless problem but maybe public awareness will come out about the propaganda spread about the homeless. When in fact none of them can earn a living on minimum wage. Jobs is what the government says will change the economy. This joke is still used when in reality a minimum wage job does NOT provide a living wage. We all know that rent, a junk car, heat, used clothing , Gas, Plus Food is not all available to the poor.

. Two people earning minimum wage, about $16.000 a year is life as HELL. There is only medicaid for some. Most people receive about from $2.00 to $10.00 more in income to qualify for medicaid. These income guidelines are about half of the poverty level. These are very poor people I am talking about. People who probably are living in a car with two children, or about to loose the cheap apartment of $600.00 a month.

The decision they have to make everyday is do I buy gas to go to work today, or buy a small jar of peanut butter, bread and milk that cost over $13.00 for supper! The food program is ridiculous. Food stamps buy a few things, like flour ,eggs and bread, lard or oil. Milk is a luxury for a poor person. Once Hamburger Helper was the poor people’s food. People can’t afford the hamburger anymore. Poor people are mostly eating Ramens Noddles.

To even suggest a poor person can go to the doctor is ridiculous. The choice is always, do I buy food, pay rent, medicine, or move in my junk car? Something is always got to give. That is why there are so many homeless people. Where am I going to get the money to wash our clothes, or buy detergent? The rent is half the of income or more of their wages for a month.
The middle class are catching down to the poor. They have been conned to believe that the poor has been the problem. Today the rich are robbing them also. Most of them believed the elite programs were to be carried. They intrusted those important Congressmen to make the laws for them but they profited only the rich and famous.Many of the middle class will soon be homeless.

Families, grandparents, and mentally ill are just as important if they are homeless and poor. They are cherished by the families. God bless the American Poor!

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