“Bitch, Please!” by Nina Yau: A Review

“Bitch, Please! ” is the latest release from Nina Yau, the mind behind Castles In The Air. This is a treatise designed for women to help guide them toward getting the most out of their life.

The name seems to promote angry, aggressive women but in fact this is misleading. The term “bitch” is often used as a derogatory term to refer to pushy, aggressive women – and I must admit that I fell for that connotation when I first read the title.

Instead this book is about positive assertiveness such as being true to yourself, self-respect and taking proper care of yourself. Some, indeed, have considered women who stand up and are true to themselves to be bitches and this is what Nina touches on.

I read this book in a single sitting; I found it interesting and accurate throughout. She covers a multitude of subjects from being a whore, to how one should dress, attitude and even exercise.

I won’t belabor the point here: this is a book that every single modern female should read. Nina tells it like it is without being rude in the slightest – and she pulls no punches.

Nina is offering two versions of her book on her site: one is the basic PDF edition for $39 and the Super Bitch Edition ($47) includes several on-site videos filmed exclusively for this project. You can find more information about her book along with purchase information at this link.

If you want an honest, insightful book on being a lady grab a copy of “Bitch, Please! ” and curl up for a good read from an honest friend.

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