Black Friday Catastrophe at Walmart

CNN 1report shot a video of a man in a Walmart store on Black Friday during a confrontation with police which ended up being tazed and restrained.

Watch video: shopping violence

The incident took place inside a Walmart store in Southington, CT. According to the report by the cameraman, “It was unclear from my position what exactly happened with the man and why he was being detained, however you could hear bystanders yelling things like, ‘stop’, ‘That’s not necessary’. This was my first Black Friday shopping experience and I’ll never forget what I saw. You see sides of people that they themselves didn’t even know existed.”

According to another bystander, “I was there just a few feet away and couldn’t see exactly what was going on, but everyone was saying this man was accused of ‘line jumping’ and got frustrated. The police tazed him unnecessarily multiple times after he was already on the ground and everyone was yelling to stop. My cousin took the video.”

While there wasn’t enough information or facts to determine if the individual being tasered by police was appropriate or the usual abuse, a conclusion either way cannot be made as of now.

Reports of police brutality and pepper spray use o Black Friday have been cited at Walmarts in Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, New York, Alabama, and California.

Could this be another example of corporate machine taking over US civilian rights? And another total back- up by the ever corrupt Congress?

Many citizens debating this incident feel they (corporate machine and Congress), have taken away their jobs, and now they are taking their dignity. Yet it seems like no one dares interfere or try to stop what is taking place in the USA today. Perhaps the fear of being branded as a convict and thereby making them virtually unemployable stands to reason.
Oh, the power of the corporate tycoons and political gurus!

Perhaps the taser is all too often the first resort used by police rather than their last. Officers acting outside the scope of their power by law need to be apprehended. The problem is increasingly happening all around the nation and being backed 100% by Congress.

Just to set the record straight, a woman at the Porter Ranch Walmart, decided to pepper spray the crowd while herself on a shopping spree. She was later arrested and released.

America is no longer the land of the free, and certainly not ‘the home of the brave’.

Update on this incident is expected soon.


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