Black Rap Artist Imitating Negative Images

Music sends out a universal message that teaches young to the old what love, fame, relationships and criminal acts are all about. For many reasons, some black rap artists seek the criminal path to be marketable with responsibility as a role model. Even there names like telling you upfront what they are all about. It’s bad enough what it took for Blacks to get rights not until only just over 30 years ago but we still have a few knuckle heads still haven’t crossed over the stereotype image into reality.

Before voting rights, Black myths described what type of humans we were. We were more thought of as animals and being uneducated than human beings. Animals have a limited ability of knowledge, but Blacks are not. I understand some of us grow up in bad conditions, which are created by our own government like low-income housing, but there are many who educated themselves to get out. There is nothing wrong with telling your story of triumph through the ghetto, but why glorify it. Why make something so low seem like the biggest hype? Well, it sells for one thing. The young don’t understand the consequences of being a criminal, until they have experienced it sometimes more than once. Rap artist tell how they got so low, but not how to avoid the trip. Their stories are about how they took advantage of another person, shot or even murdered someone or one of the most least items that make you look like you have succeed in life….”the bling bling”.

If you have to take what someone else has, to fill like you have rose to the next level, you are pathetic. Take that energy of envy and used to approve on one self. It’s hard work and nothing comes easy but laziness will only delay you from achieving your dreams quicker. One of the worst lines to hear from a police officer for stopping you is that you fit the description of a suspect. Embarrassing that rap artist represents such inferior, senseless characters. Material items: diamonds, platinum rings or watches, expensive cars and clothes do not prove you have grown from adolescent to adult mentality. It’s sad that some people don’t grasp this until they are old. I see new rap artist fronting in an expensive ride, fur and jewelry, but they still live in the ghetto. Those items are poor investments for anyone who is struggling in poverty. You cannot live in a car nor eat fur or crush diamonds into water. These are not survival tools.

I think it way over due and rap artist needs to break this ignorant, redundant chronicle of teaching children the most important matter is showing off worthless adornments. You would think after they claimed to tour the world that there is more to life than the “Bimmer” in the driveway. We all want the best, but lets be real….educating each other is the tool for life. When it comes down to it, rap artist cannot chose who to buy their CD’s nor who looks up at them as a role model.

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