Bleeding Hearts and Artists

‘You look like someone I know’

Heard that line a thousand times

Guess I’m scattered round the globe

Like farmers planting seeds serpentine

Have you heard the front-page news

Eden lives far underground

And God is just a hidden camera

Making sure the lost stay found

Big games of the life-sized kids

You were ‘not It’ by a hair

Fingers on a Ouija board

Fuck the truth just give me dare

Tweedles are now stalking triplets

Killing riddles, sinking ships with

Everything but the black lipstick

Crooked smile and rusted toothpick

Every friend is a stepmother

Eying you with pools of dead fire

As she sticks her acid tongue

In the mouth of your pure desire

Walking blind and blurry-eyed

With two chambers in each hand

Each are bloody, tame and wild

Beyond these walls, beyond these lands

Only fools know the true score

Cause they’ve locked the exit-sign door

You were almost worth dying for

Now it’s the ninth circle of this war

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