Bo Banks: Crosspath

Robert Dexter, Banks co-owns the Enchanted Dream Gentlmen’s club with Carlos”Slim”Rivers, the man that raised and reared him since, he was six. He taught him the business, as he taught him the streets, of survival about being careful about those who call your associates? A lesson that Robert Dexter, Banks took for granted that landed him a few month behind bars.

Now, only out for a few months, he has landed the hottest exotic dancer in the world to entertain, at his premier establishment. While, those close to him call him Mr. Banks, he still answer to his nick name, of Bo Banks. Or, simply Big Bo Banks, which comes about because, of his six-six frame that he uses to his advantage. At, present he’s in conference with Diego Raphael, Domingo, who he has personally assigned to body protection, of his guest entertainer? One thing clients and guests knows is that his establishments has the best skilled security team to keep trouble,from visiting many times.

“Remember, Domingo.Where she goes? You go compendre. May no mistakes about it because your life depends on her safey!”
“Big Banks! I earn my pay, sir.” States, his well dressed chief security officer.

Across town, at Behind The Groove, record label Carlos Rivers, is holding conference, with his account executives. Who’s auditing the books to confirm that all things falls correctly into checks and balance? When suddenly, he receives a call for the man he simply call son.

“Pops, come on down and witness Starbaby?”
“Not my thing, Bo.”
“Pops, just this one time. If you don’t like her style of dancing. I personally leave with you too!

Hard to turn down a child he beam with joy about turning into a educated businessman. Sure, he made mistakes but, to Carlos Rivers wisdom comes, from admitting you’re only human. Which Robert Dexter, Banks has admitted with honesty.

His favorite Proverbs is” Who ever loves instruction loves knowledge? But, he that hates correction is stupid. With, his personal body guard and chaffuer Jent Henderson, they depart to the club that he co-own with his adopted son. Probably, the only one he would die for on this earth. And, you might say vice versa about Bo Banks doing the same.

Within, minutes a dark green Escalade arrives in front, of the Enchanted Dream entertainment club containing the star attraction. Who is highly guarded and escorted into the club? No one is aware, of her present because they under the impression that she’s a guest seated in the V.I.P section? Next arriving to the front door, of the business is a black trim with gold Escalade, with the tags phase “Special 1″ on the front.

Know, to the employees, as the ride, of Carlos “Slim” Rivers. Who greets everyone he passes? He walks through the club to the offices, of his business to confer with Big Bo Banks.

“Bo, what’s so special about this “Starbaby”?
“Pops, you’re asking me like I know.” Explaining through his connections she’s suppose to be something worth seeing.

“So, We both will be amazed, by her talents?”
“You could say that!”
“Well, Bo let’s the show begins.” States Carlos Rivers requesting his valets to pass the word to the star attraction that has filled the club, with athletes and other entertainers that comes to gamble, at this legit club that sometimes sees politicians stopping by to visit.

Each step taking, the crowd seems estatic. With each light that’s shining, they just as excited to witness he star attraction appearance. Soon, she walks to the center, of the stage and motion to the sound engineer to signal the lights to shine upon her for the audience to see. With, a rush the lights all light upon the red bone exotic entertainer with her back to the crowd. With the slimmest of strings covering up the right parts, of her body she slowly turns to the crowd to see their faces. And, to show hers to them.

All are excited by her fantastic motions except one particular person. Who just happens to be Carlos Rivers?
“Stop the show!” He shouts loudly, without being heard over the noise of the crowd.
I said STOP THE SHOW!!” Exclaiming, he will if they don’t comprehend what he’s saying? Shocked and urprised is the members, of his invited guest and visitors. More shocked is his adopted son Bo Banks.

“Pops, what’s going on?”
“That girl bring her to the office, now!”
ith haste the dancer called “Starbaby” is requested, by his personal security team to depart and follow them, of her own free will. Or, face other measure to get her there. Getting properly dressed the enterainer is escorted to the offices, of Carlos Rivers. Who is also seated with Robert”Bo” Banks”?

“Miss, Melanie Renee, Andersen, do you know me? River inquires.
“What you’re a mute all of a sudden?!” Seated, he raises his tone to her.
Quiet she remains out of fear that she might have offended the owner, by her dancing.

“Sir, I apologize if I did something wrong.”She apologize slightly.
“Oh, you did.” Advising her to look, at the pictures on his desk and wall shelves. hich she stares hard and firmly at without moving.

“It’s me and my mother.”
“Exactly, my dear” Pointing out that she picked the wrong profession and business to make her living from in life.

“Sir. Who are you to advise me about my life?”
“Simply put! I’m your father. Who do you think that man in the picture is, my friemd?”
She lost for words and surprised, by things she just has heard. Explaining all her life she been told her father passed away years ago.

“Well, some lied. I’m a living reathing creature of earth.” In all the back and forth Robert Dexter, Banks isn’t totally shocked by the revelation in the least.

“Wait a minute, Pops. A, I recall Miss, Cox our accountant when I was in my teens always stated one day you’ll be a figment of someone imagination. Do you remember that?” Banks interjet his opinion.

Hour, of explaining and recorrecting error, of judgements between the two individuals. Carlos Rivers, offer to solve this mystery of his surprise daughter mistaken error, of his death. To do that he must confront her mother Casey Dionne, Cox that started the mistruth in the beginning.

Arriving, in front of the Cox’s Mansion is the black and gold trim Escalade containing he truth seekers. Who has came for answers, from Casey D. Cox? Who ,at first refuses to meet with her daughter and the alleged father, of her child?

Revelations are reveal in many avenues, of why facts was twisted to hide the truth, of the child’s parentage?

“Your Father threats? It always amazed me that you left just when I needed you in my life.”
Carlos, what you expect? He lost his mother and you wasn’t ready to get hitched?”

“Hitched, no! But raise my child I was more the man than you give me credit for being.” Explainin, at 25 years old he raised a young man into being one, of the best respected person in the business world. He turns to leave with out hearing another word, from his child’s mother.

Then suddenly stops.
“Melanie, take this warning. When I called you Starbaby, it was because that what you were in my eye?” Explaining that if he hears she’s still dancing any world in the world, as a exotic entertainer again there will be justice handle accordingly.

“Rest assured, I’ll find out. But, if you ever need me. I’m just a call away.” Which is followed by the adopted son, of her father.
“Listen sis. We got your back at anytime and at any moment. Believe that!” Stated with force as they departs the mansion that contains the only parent she has known.

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