Bobaflex’s ‘Hell in My Heart’ is Top to Bottom Solid

Bobaflex’s new album, “Hell In My Heart,” is a great mixture of 90s and 00’s metal. When I say that I don’t mean they are a knock off of these two genres; rather the band combines all of the elements that made these two genres rock.

The band, which was named after the members’ love for the Star Wars character, Boba Fett, brings a three man vocal harmony attack. Add to that power chords, fancy guitar riffs and guitar solos, and Bobaflex has a fantastic diary of rock music.

This band hits it hard and “Hell In My Heart” pops from top to bottom. There are no hiccups on this album; all songs bring something to the table. If Bobaflex can maintain their original yet familiar sounding music, expect the band to be around for a long time.

Track listing:

1. Hell In My Heart (Intro)

2. Chemical Valley

3. Bury Me With My Guns

4. Low-Life

5. Vampire

6. Playing Dead

7. Sing

8.Empty Man

9. Slave

10. Dangerous

11. Last Song

12. On That Night

13. Hate You

14 Rise

15 Sound Of Silence

16. Bonus Track… Pretty Razors Live

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