Boken Law


Supreme bad judgments as a nation loses it trust/people were talking dna evidence no witness tampering about a die he must/when his time rolled around some of us knew law was out of order/the world display his sacrifice intended want make him a martyr/blind justice putting Americans in their place/so what if innocence has a chance you lose this race/one step backwards as the court upheld an attack on our freedom/fear their weapon showing us we could not redeem him/next time it might one of yours caught in this closed door abuse/they don’t want you to fight for their freedom what is the use/why did they bother if killing this man was such a priority/it wasn’t an execution but an assassination didn’t have to be a minority/laws are written to keep us free under the rights of our nation/with such a stream of doubt in this case we witness degradation/it reminds me when guilt here was defined by color/laws go pick up anyone as long as it is a brother/life death row was courts only option a status quo/case closed throw away the key after they lock the door/accused could have been in another state/but the district attorney needed a new execution date/life is short justice has to be long/old men/women ruling death when we all know they were wrong.

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