Bomb Scare Temporarily Closes Area Wal-Mart Super Centers on the Grand Strand

Initially, when one of the Grand Strand Wal-Mart stores received a credible bomb threat, it was then up to the home office to decide that each and every one of their Wal-Mart stores located surrounding the Grand Strand Myrtle Beach area would temporarily shut down.

Although, this is not the first time that Wal-Mart has received bomb threats from unknown sources, it is the very first time that it has involved all of the super centers located on the Grand Strand – neighboring the Myrtle Beach area.

Many customers that were making plans to shop at Wal-Mart stores on the Grand Strand in South Carolina – were shocked, and even surprised that the front doors were locked, and would reopen when the problem was resolved.

The early evening hour would be a most peculiar time for a bomb threat to take place, and even more problematic for Wal-Mart upper management to decide to cease operation for a brief or extended period of time.

The Wal-Mart Corporation would not disclose where the bomb threat originated from, but it was quite evident that it came from a credible source of information that prompted management to not second guess their decision making.

In the days to come, it may be more important for Wal-Mart to seek out the culprit or persons involved in this terrorist threat, but it may be more important that Wal-Mart as a major retail player in corporate America – to recognize the importance of integrity over yearly profit and corporate gain.

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