Book Hunt: Searching for the Perfect Read

Being an avid reader, there are many challenges. One of those challenges is finding the next big read for less than the listed book price. Often times this leads to searching libraries, used book stores, and garage sales. In the small town that I live, our small library does not carry many books of my interest that I have not already read. With the season changing into winter, that rules out garage sales for the season. So, off to the used book store I go.

Like always, as I open the front door and step in, I am greeted with the scent of old, tattered and weathered books lining the walls in both organization and disarray. I head over to the drama section and just do a general scan to see what authors they have available at the time. The used bookstore is always changing what is available depending on what people are selling.

The last time I went searching for a used book, I was looking for a Nora Roberts book and in a general scan I found a section of her stories. As I perused each one and marked off the ones I have already read, I was down to only a few left to choose from. I briefly read the covers to see if any one of them would my grab attention with just the summary of the plot. Two did, so the remaining ones went back on the shelf. Next, I took a look at the copyrights. The older the copyright, the more of a chance it is out of print and the harder it can be to find this particular book again in a store.

Taking this all into consideration, I had found the perfect book for the next big read: Nora Roberts’ “Born in Fire.” With it being released in 1994, I am quite certain I will not be finding this book available in many stores. Just knowing this adds to the excitement and thrill of searching for that perfect book. It is like hunting for a treasure except there is no map to point me in the right direction.

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